Ep2: The Importance of Reading


Episode 2

Does reading for fun give you an extra edge? TCE founder/president Rebecca M. Carroll and senior editor Paul Culp discuss the educational value of reading for pleasure.

Program Content

  • The fate of dual-enrollment programs
  • The decline in quantity and quality of reading among kids
  • Series fiction for kids
  • Poetry for pleasure and self-improvement
  • Reading as a must for TCE to do its job
  • Particular books we’ve enjoyed
  • The library as a place for family outings
  • The importance of reading books not written recently
  • Self-improvement by following even your “unimportant” interests
  • The need to step outside contemporary issues
  • Reading what the author read

Program Mentions

Remedial Nation: The Ghastly State of College Preparedness

The Bobbsey Twins

The Hardy Boys

Sharon Wildwind

The Bible

The Encyclopedia Britannica

Zora Neale Hurston

Hayden Carruth

Julie Andrews

A Confederacy of Dunces

Richard Nixon: A Life in Full


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