Ep 6. Who Says There’s No Accounting for Taste? With Jessica Greer


Podcast Summary: Ep.6 Jessica Greer


TITLE: Who Says There’s No Accounting for Taste?




TCE founder/president Rebecca M. Carroll talks education and career path with Jessica Greer of the boutique Elle M in Meridian, Idaho.


Program Content


  • Jessica’s educational path: Original intent was pharmacy.
  • Parents, not college-educated, intended college for her.
  • Scholarship prospects at Boise State
  • AP and dual-enrolment courses
  • The competitiveness of pharmacy school admissions
  • A year off and a change of major: accounting
  • The versatility of an accounting degree
  • The tax-accounting experience
  • The transition to running a boutique
  • Boutiques vs. “big box” stores
  • How an accounting background helps
  • Anniversary bash for the store coming up
  • Tips for a career in small-business ownership


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Elle M


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