Ep 7: How To Make The Most of College Visits




TCE founder/president Rebecca M. Carroll and senior editor Paul Culp discuss TCE’s recent article on How to Get the Most Out of a College Visit and other matters on that topic.

Program Content

  • How many visits are enough?

  • Starting with schools close to home is wise.

  • Junior year is the time to develop a visiting strategy.

  • Visiting when the college is in session is crucial.

  • Why interviews matter.

  • Why attending a class matters.

  • The importance of talking to the right financial aid personnel.

  • Scouting out the dorms and library is essential.

  • Why reading the school newspaper matters.

  • Special-needs considerations make a visit to student services essential.

  • Eating the institutional food on a visit is important.

  • Taking notes is essential.

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How to Get the Most Out of a College Visit

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