Ep 5: For a Good Time, Call Uncle Sam with SSG Jacob Heeren


TITLE:  For a Good Time, Call Uncle Sam




TCE founder/president and Army Staff Sgt. Jacob Heeren, a Boise-based recruiter, discuss the enlistment process and the value of military life.


Program Content


  • Why Heeren chose to go Airborne
  • How the enlistment process works
  • Enlistment as a federal job interview
  • The odds of being considered qualified
  • Military service as an advantage in civilian life
  • Transparency in enlistment
  • College funding for service personnel
  • The difference between Guard and Reserve
  • The Simultaneous Membership Program
  • Heeren’s roles during his 15 years of service
  • Heeren’s educational path
  • College credit for military experience
  • Heeren’s advice for those who want to be recruiters
  • Recruiting in schools
  • The pros and cons of compulsory military service


Program Mentions


Find a recruiter: https://www.goarmy.com/locate-a-recruiter.html


SSgt. Heering’s office: (208) 375-7009


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